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The Getting Ready Approach is a child and parent-focused intervention focused on improving child outcomes.  Key components include: 1) strengthening relationships between parent and child, and parent and professional; and 2) building parent competencies for enhancing parent-child interactions. This series of online modules utilizes Part C early intervention home visits as the context for implementation.

This training is focused on providing information and resources that all home visitors can use. It will provide you with the foundation of working with parents in the home and will guide you in the basics of communication, family systems, coaching, and the principles of home visitation.

This training is designed to support your partnership with families and does not substitute for any training required by evidence-based models, your agency, or funders.

The purpose of this orientation program is to give you basic information about what it takes to be a respite provider.  Our goal is to provide an online orientation for individuals who are interested in becoming respite providers for the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network.  Current respite providers who have not taken the orientation are also encouraged to do so.

Please Note: In order for you to receive a certificate of completion, you must have an account.  To get your account or to login, click in the upper right hand corner of the website to get started. After creating a new account it will prompt you log in. You will then need to click on "Enoll Me", and you are ready to go.

Behavior has purpose.  Individuals who are compliant behave that way because it works for them. Those individuals that are more difficult to work with are likely to engage in challenging behaviors because it meets their needs. 

Practical training for local Respite Coordinators to support implementation of the requirements of the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Services Program (Neb.Rev.Stat. 68-1520 through 68-1528).

This training offers Services Coordinators/Resource Developers a unique learning opportunity and offers supervisors a valuable technical assistance resource as they work to enhance their systems capacity.

Ongoing Aged and Disabled Waiver Training

Personal assistance services include a defined range of human assistance, chosen and directed by the individual or designee or at the direction of a parent or guardian  for  a  minor  child  or  legally  incompetent  adult.

Program of  All-Inclusive  Care for the Elderly, also known as PACE. PACE  provides  comprehensive, coordinated  health  care  and  long-term  services and supports for voluntarily enrolled individuals.  Eligible persons must be aged 55 and older;  meet  Nebraska  Medicaid’s nursing  facility level  of  care  criteria;  live  within  the  service area of an approved PACE provider; and  be  able to  safely live in a community setting, with PACE services, at the time of enrollment.

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Hospital Champion Participation

If you are an employee of a hospital please use the following enrollment key: Champion#1

N-MIECHV/Home Visiting

If you are a home visitor please use the following enrollment key: HomeVisiting#2


If you are a childcare provider please use the following enrollment key:: Childcare#4

Children & Families/CFS

If you are a DHHS CFS worker please use the following enrollment key: Children&Families#3


If none of the above roles apply please use the following enrollment key: Other#05