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Web Page and Resource Links

Check out the Web page and resource links focusing on childhood obesity and diabetes at the Public Health Association of Nebraska:

Are you working with young children aged 0-5? The American Academy of Pediatrics has a Website focusing on the young child and providers who care for them:

Looking for fun flu and handwashing materials? Try: and


The American Diabetes Association's Safe at School Campaign focuses on educating students, parents, and school staff on proper diabetes management in school. Learn more at: 

The National Association of State Boards of Education provides an online collection of state school health policies. See how our’s compare (as well as other interesting school health topics) at: Click on the “Healthy Schools” button right under the banner.

The National Adolescent Health Information Center released a new Suicide Fact Sheet, providing the latest data on sui cide and mortality. Find the fact sheet, as well as more on other topics:

The Nebraska Cardiovascular Health Program has developed a set of fact sheets about wellness in Nebraska Schools, focus ing on physical education and healthy eating at school, and supports for responding to heart attacks and stroke in schools. Find the fact sheets at:

The National School Boards Association’s Leadership Insider newsletter focuses on bullying and harassment, pre senting a range of view points and resources. Find the newsletter at:

Going to the association’s front page at allows you to click on School Health Programs and explore an extensive collection of school health resources.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund has developed informational materials for teens on violence prevention and healthy-decision making in dating situations. Find them at:


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