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At Seven & Eight Months, Your Child will Likely…

Physical Development:

  • Reaches for cup or spoon when being fed.
  • Drinks from a cup with help.
  • Enjoys some finely-chopped solid foods.
  • Closes mouth firmly or turns head when no longer hungry.
  • May sleep 11 to 13 hours at night.
  • Needs 2 to 3 naps a day.
  • Develops a rhythm for feeding, eliminating and sleeping.
  • True eye color is established.
  • Sits alone without support.
  • Can "rake" objects with hand.
  • Transfers objects from one hand to another.
  • Hair growth begins to cover head.

Social & Emotional Development:

  • Responds to own name.
  • Recognizes family member's names.
  • Responds differently to family and strangers.
  • Distressed if a toy is taken away.
  • Shows fear of falling off high places (table, stairs).
  • Shows mild to severe anxiety at separation from parent.
  • Imitates sounds, actions and facial expressions.
  • Raises arms as a sign to be held.
  • Likes to be tickled and touched.

Intellectual Development:

  • Learns by using all five senses.
  • Makes noises to show displeasure or satisfaction.
  • Focuses eyes on small objects and reaches for them.
  • Enjoys dropping objects over edge of chair or crib.
  • Looks for a ball rolled out of sight.
  • Babbles as if talking.

Delevopmental milestones associated with feeding:

  • Refuses food by keeping lips closed: has taste preferences.
  • Holds a spoon and plays with it during feeding.
  • May drink from a straw.
  • Drinks from a cup with assistance.

First Connections with Families
First Connections with Families provides information about child development, reading to your child, and child health and safety.

The Early Learning Guidelines
This exciting new resource is being written to assist early childhood caregivers/teachers, parents and other adults with information about supporting the learning and development of young children. The Guidelines provide information related to seven domains or areas of learning and development:

  • Social & Emotional Developmentment
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Health & Physical Development
  • Language & Literacy Development
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Creative Arts

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