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At Five & Six Months, Your Child will Likely…

Physical Development:

  • Teeth appear.
  • Have control of his head and arm movements.
  • Hold his head up and looks around.
  • Push himself up onto his hands and knees.

Social & Emotional Development:

  • Tries to talk to image in mirror.
  • Recognize familiar faces and smile at them.
  • Search for sounds and turn his head towards them.
  • Make most vowel sounds and about half of the consonant sounds.

Intellectual Development:

  • Understands he can reach out to tough objects.
  • Recognize his mother.
  • Distinguish between familiar people and strangers.
  • Expect feeding, dressing, and bathing.

Delevopmental milestones associated with feeding:

  • Can use fingers to feed self a cracker.
  • Chews and bites.
  • May hold own bottle, but may not drink from it (prefers for it to be held).

First Connections with Families
First Connections with Families provides information about child development, reading to your child, and child health and safety.

The Early Learning Guidelines
This exciting new resource is being written to assist early childhood caregivers/teachers, parents and other adults with information about supporting the learning and development of young children. The Guidelines provide information related to seven domains or areas of learning and development:

  • Social & Emotional Developmentment
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Health & Physical Development
  • Language & Literacy Development
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Creative Arts

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